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94.7 WZZN - The Zone

WZZN (94.7 the Zone) – Chicago – 2000/2001 – Jeffrey T. Mason

This is a brief aircheck of Jeffrey T. Mason on 80′s-formatted 94.7 the Zone (WZZN Chicago), playing a jingle from the station’s days as Mainstream CHR WYTZ “Z95”.

A similar aircheck (flashing back to the station’s days as “Musicradio WLS”) can be heard here.

Note: Please have your speakers at a minimum before beginning to play this aircheck; the audio is very loud and begins suddenly.

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  1. Just one of the many reasons ABC/Disney management LOVED me at The Zone! LOL…it was an interesting 5 months 😉

  2. Too funny. I am certain I am the one that supplied Jeffrey T the Z95 TOH from my collection. (There are not too many Z95 airchecks floating around on the internet). Also, sorry for the overmodulated signal! The good ol days of recording on analog tape and not setting the record level properly. I think I recorded 30 or 60 minutes of this hour. Have to see if I still have it laying around. The Zone was not a great station in any of its tweaks or format flips after one has been exposed to WYTZ, WBBM-FM, WBMX-FM 102.7 and 80s Channel 103.1 WXXY or a plethora of legendary 80s Top 40 stations. PD Bill Gamble…. not sure what hew was thinking when he tried doing 80s @ WZZN, but he finally got it right when it went Active Rock, but by that time it was suffering a major identity issue. Jeffrey T was awesome on air, even there.


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