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102.1 WIOQ - Q102

WIOQ (Q102) – Philadelphia – Jan. 1998 – Terry Young

This is a sample of legendary Philadelphia jock Terry Young during his days at Rhythmic CHR WIOQ (Q102) in the late 90’s. Young is most famous in the market for his time at Hot Hits! 98 WCAU-FM in the early 1980’s.

Additional Terry Young airchecks can be found here.

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  1. January 1998 is DEAD-ON accurate. We brought Terry back for a week to fill-in for afternoon star Joe Mamma. If it sounded like the studio was full of people, it’s because it WAS. This Friday was Terry’s last day of fill-in, and we were all hanging out (loitering) in the studio! It was just 2 weeks later when I got blown out. Good times, good times…

  2. Sounds like this was recorded on January 25th, 1998. He said it was Super Bowl Sunday.

    • He said it was the “weekend coming up” right before the Super Bowl reference. I don’t think Terry Young did this type of show on weekends…so this was presumably a weekday the week prior to the Super Bowl.


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