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WIOQ (Q102) – Philadelphia – 2/26/97 – Billy Hammond

“Q102, The Beat of Philadelphia” (102.1 WIOQ) on a Wednesday night during its Dance-leaning CHR days in the mid to late 90’s.  The station was a favorite among U.S. dance radio enthusiasts (such as yours truly) at this time.

As a side note, while I loved the format, I wasn’t a fan of the station’s production values at this time. It just seems like they were trying too hard to make the station sound “hip”, for lack of a better term.  Just the humble opinion of your Webmaster!

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  1. As a “rebuttal” to disliking the imaging that was used at the time, I’ve actually liked most of the imaging that was presented here (especially the “Deja Q” ID). I know the late Keith Eubanks wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but IMO, he did great imaging for CHR (and Alternative and Album Rock) stations. Eric Edwards work was also featured here. It was strange, though, hearing the “TOH timecheck ID” voiced by him when I remember hearing it done years before by Mark Driscoll. I did agree that the TM Century “KIIS 91” package needed to be retired at that pointed, but that was taken care of by years-end with the arrival of IDs from Reelworld.

    Q102, by this point, sounded 100X better than their fling with being a near-clone of Urban Power 99. (Anyone that remembers the “Peace On The Streets” era knows what I’m talking about).


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