Billy Hammond

WIOQ (Q102) – Philadelphia – 2/26/97 – Billy Hammond

“Q102, The Beat of Philadelphia” (102.1 WIOQ) on a Wednesday night during its Dance-leaning CHR days in the mid to late 90’s.  The station was a favorite among U.S. dance radio enthusiasts (such as yours truly) at this time. As a side note, while I loved the format, I wasn’t a fan of the station’s production values at this time. It just seems like they were trying too hard to make the station sound “hip”, for lack of a better term.  Just the humble opinion of your Webmaster!

WIOQ (Q102) – Philadelphia – 10/28/97 – Billy Hammond

Recorded 17 years ago today, this is a montage of Q102 near the end of its era as a Dance-leaning Mainstream CHR  – a rare format then (and now) for most U.S. commercial stations. The station moved into a more conventional Mainstream CHR direction at the start of 1998. At this time, in my opinion, the station offered outstanding production values – much improved over what was heard earlier in 1997.

WKTU (103.5 The New KTU) – Diane Pryor & WHTZ (Z100) – Billy Hammond – New York – 10/15/98

  Both recorded 15 years ago today, this is a sample of the two dominant CHR stations in the largest U.S. media market during the late 1990’s. WKTU offered what we now call a Rhythmic AC format, while Z100, true to its roots, aired a straight-ahead Mainstream CHR format.