102.1 WIOQ - Q102

WIOQ (Q102) – Philadelphia – 10/28/97 – Billy Hammond

Recorded 17 years ago today, this is a montage of Q102 near the end of its era as a Dance-leaning Mainstream CHR  – a rare format then (and now) for most U.S. commercial stations. The station moved into a more conventional Mainstream CHR direction at the start of 1998.

At this time, in my opinion, the station offered outstanding production values – much improved over what was heard earlier in 1997.


  1. Hi Robyn – thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’m not sure what happened, but the audio should be fixed and visible now.

  2. No problem. The Dance-era of Q102 was my favorite and I miss it, along with the air talent that worked there.

    Again, thanks for restoring the audio.

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