95.9 KXMX - Mix 95.9

KXMX (Mix 95.9) – Anaheim, CA – July 2000


Mix 95.9 was a short-lived radio outlet, created during a period of heavy consolidation in the industry. Its birth was a direct result of coming under Jacor ownership in March 1999. Its death was a result of Clear Channel (which had taken over Jacor later in 1999) being forced to sell Mix 95.9 due to FCC ownership rules related to Clear Channel’s acquisition of AM FM, Inc. More details about the history of this station can be found at Wikipedia.

The format of Mix 95.9 was Hot AC, with somewhat of a lean towards Active Rock. Many thanks to Jeffery James for contributing!




  1. Jeffery – I gave you credit on the KMXN aircheck but not this one – my apologies! The post has been edited accordingly.

    I remember receiving the KIIS one from you (thank you!) but I can’t recall if I’ve already posted it. Do you happen to remember the date of that aircheck? And/or can you listen to the one linked below and tell me if it’s the one you sent?


  2. Hey guys. Your audio isn’t showing up on this aircheck. I sent you an e-mail. Did you not see it? Or don’t you reply to anyone? Thank you.

    1. Hi Chris – the audio should be fixed now. Thanks for alerting us to this issue. There also appears to be an issue with the e-mail system – we never got your message. We will look into that as well.

      1. Yeah. Thanks. When will you be airing other airchecks too like KLUC Las Vegas NV and stuff? That’s what I also said in the e-mail too. Thank you.

        1. Hi Chris – the material posted on FMairchecks.com comes from our existing personal collections. We don’t currently have any KLUC material, but if we are ever able to obtain it, we will post it assuming that it’s suitable for inclusion on the site.

          1. Ok cool. I totally remember Mix 95.9 I was almost 17 years old at this time. I was still 16. I am now 31 and going to be 32 this year. I wish this station was back on the air. But it’s not anymore. It’s now a Christian Contemporary Station. That station use to be 95.9 KEZY FM back in the 70’s 80’s and early 90’s.

          2. Hey guys. This is Chris again. There seems to be some sort of an issue because your website keeps interrupting my listening of these airchecks. Because it keeps asking to recover the webpage all the time. You need to check your e-mails. I already told you about this issue. airchexx.com is having the same issue too. Very slow and keeps freezing.

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