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93.9 WTBX / Hibbard MN

Open House Party * John Garabedian’s Final Show (Part 1) * 1/27/17 (from WTBX 93.9 Hibbing, MN)

On January 27, 2017, following a nearly 30-year run, Open House Party founder John Garabedian hosted his final show. Featured here is a montage of approximately the first 70 minutes of the program, recorded from Hot AC/Modern AC hybrid WTBX 93.9 in Hibbing, MN.  Segments from the remainder of the broadcast will be posted on a future date.

Please visit Wikipedia for more information on Open House Party.


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  1. The OHP hasn’t changed much compared to the WSNX OHP aircheck from 1998.

    • Sadly, I feel like it will change now that Garabedian is no longer the host.

  2. The entire broadcast is available on my YouTube channel, in HD. It sounds perfect.


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