Open House Party

“WLDW” (Wild 106.7) – southwest Philadelphia – 11/24/13 (OPEN HOUSE PARTY w/Kannon)

This is a sample of an apparent pirate radio station with its signal on 106.7 FM in southwest Philadelphia. It identified itself with the call letters WLDW, which were used (legally) by 96.5 FM ten years prior, albeit for only a short period of time, much to the chagrin of then-owner Beasley, as demonstrated in this amusing announcement voiced by-then consultant Jerry Clifton. The programming heard on the aircheck was of the syndicated “Open House Party”. Given the station’s illegal status, it’s unclear how they were able to air this content. It’s unknown whether this operation still exists with an on-air signal. This aircheck was recorded from its online stream, which continues to this day via its website. Thanks for Ryan Bishop for contributing.  

Open House Party – from KRQQ (93.7 KRQ) – Tucson, AZ – 2004

Most likely recorded sometime in 2004, this is a brief sample of the long-running Saturday night program “Open House Party” as heard on KRQQ (93.7 KRQ) in Tucson, AZ. Included is an interview with JC Chasez, formerly of teen act N*SYNC, at the point when he was in the midst of his solo career.

Open House Party * John Garabedian’s Final Show (Part 1) * 1/27/17 (from WTBX 93.9 Hibbing, MN)

On January 27, 2017, following a nearly 30-year run, Open House Party founder John Garabedian hosted his final show. Featured here is a montage of approximately the first 70 minutes of the program, recorded from Hot AC/Modern AC hybrid WTBX 93.9 in Hibbing, MN.  Segments from the remainder of the broadcast will be posted on a future date. Please visit Wikipedia for more information on Open House Party.  

KKFR (Power 92) – Phoenix – All Request 4th of July Weekend/Open House Party – July 1994

 In the late 80′s, and the very early 90′s, Phoenix was one of the best markets for fans of the CHR format.  Nationwide Communications’ heritage KZZP found itself in a heated battle with Edens Broadcasting’s Y95 (KOY-FM) and  The Broadcast Group’s Power 92 (KKFR). But with changes in management, personalities, and pop music tastes as a whole – the CHR scene was very different by the Fall of 1993. By that time, only KKFR and its hip-hop/R&B focused Rhythmic CHR format remained, without any direct competition. Despite its impressive ratings, the station elected to move towards a Modern Rock-based Mainstream CHR format by the end of that year. This is a sample of KKFR from the following summer, when it offered an “All Request 4th of July Weekend”. Featured is a cameo app...

Open House Party w/John Garbedian – from KKFR (Power 92) – Phoenix – 12/31/94

Recorded most likely on New Year’s Eve 1994, this is a brief sample of the long-running syndicated Saturday night program “Open House Party” as heard on KKFR (Power 92) in Phoenix. Included is a sampling of the “Satellite Mega Mix” segment.

WJBQ (Q97.9) – Portland, ME – 2/11/99 – John Garabedian (OPEN HOUSE PARTY)

Recorded 16 years ago this month, this is a brief sample of the long-running syndicated “Open House Party” as heard on WJBQ in Portland, Maine.

WJBQ (Q97.9) – Portland, ME – 2/27/99 – John Garabedian (OPEN HOUSE PARTY)

  Recorded 15 years ago today, this is a sample of the long-running syndicated “Open House Party” as heard on WJBQ in Portland, Maine. It includes an interview with the band Eve 6, following by an acoustic performance of their best-known hit, “Inside Out”.

WSNX 104.5 – Grand Rapids, MI – 8/22/98 – Open House Party

WSNX was one of the best CHRs of the mid/late 90′s, offering an upbeat music mix and outstanding jingles & sweepers, voiced by the late and great Brian James. Very impressive for a medium-sized market. This aircheck begins with a commercial promoting the upcoming (1998) Fall season on FOX TV (via the local affiliate, WXMI “FOX 17”), followed by regular WSNX programming, and then Open House Party (a long-running syndicated show heard on CHRs across the U.S.) Thanks to Jeremy Andrews for contributing