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"WLDW" - Wild 106.7

“WLDW” (Wild 106.7) – southwest Philadelphia – 11/24/13 (OPEN HOUSE PARTY w/Kannon)

This is a sample of an apparent pirate radio station with its signal on 106.7 FM in southwest Philadelphia. It identified itself with the call letters WLDW, which were used (legally) by 96.5 FM ten years prior, albeit for only a short period of time, much to the chagrin of then-owner Beasley, as demonstrated in this amusing announcement voiced by-then consultant Jerry Clifton.

The programming heard on the aircheck was of the syndicated “Open House Party”. Given the station’s illegal status, it’s unclear how they were able to air this content.

It’s unknown whether this operation still exists with an on-air signal. This aircheck was recorded from its online stream, which continues to this day via its website.

Thanks for Ryan Bishop for contributing.


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  1. Two bad there aren’t more recordings of the show that exist.
    The show was still pretty good until Kannon took over for both nights.
    Until local station Q98 (WQSM) added the Sunday show, in March of 2016, I used to listen to the Sunday show on various online stations, beginning in Fall 2016.

    I began listening to Garabedian, regularly once Q98 added his show, back in December of 2005.

  2. 0:42


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