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96.5 WLDW - Wild 96.5

WLDW (Wild 96.5) Philadelphia – late ’03/early ’04 – Jerry Clifton

Wild 96.5 WLDW Philadelphia Wired 96.5 WRDW-FM Beasley Barsky

With CBS Radio CHR “96.5 Amp Radio” WZMP Philadelphia flipping to Hot AC “Today’s 96.5” earlier today, we felt it would be appropriate to flash back to an amusing moment involving the same radio station.

This was an on-air announcement from consultant Jerry Clifton — featuring his uniquely sarcastic tone — stating that Clear Channel (owners of competitors WIOQ and WUSL) had threatened WLDW with a lawsuit if they didn’t stop using the word “Wild” (which Clear Channel had trademarked.)  Eventually, WLDW became WRDW to match “Wild” becoming “Wired”.

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  1. Who’s Voice is that Jerry Clifton voice

    • Yes, that is indeed Jerry Clifton’s voice.
      There was another one at that time, also voiced by Jerry, which I’ve forgotten what he had said, but it was along the lines of this one with him at the end saying (paraphrasing) “And now, in the words of Ludicrous, we have this to say to Clear Channel…..MOVE B!+<H, GET OUT THE WAY."

  2. This was most likely recorded in January or February 2004, since Yeah! came out in late January and they were ordered to stop using the “Wild” moniker in January. Wild actually went through a number of logos (about 3 or 4) throughout its four month lifespan from November 17, 2003 to February 2004.

    More info here:


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