104.1 KHOM - Mix 104.1

KHOM (Mix 104.1) – New Orleans – 12/26/96


Mix 104.1 offered one of the most diverse playlists I’ve ever heard on a CHR station.  Reviewing the history of the 104.1 frequency, it seems that this was (not surprisingly) from the days when the station was still independently owned.


  1. Mix 104.1 came on at a time when B97 decided to go Talk, leaving the market with no CHR of any kind. Mix was a fantastic CHR in 1996-97 even when B97 decided to return to a hot AC-leaning CHR in mid-1997. What killed them was when Clear Channel bought them and switched the format to Hot AC in 1998. The ratings started to tank and they’ve dropped the format for a slew of formats that didn’t catch fire. But for a brief time, this station was great. Thanks for this aircheck.

  2. I remember the day they flipped from a gold-based AC as “K-Hom 104” to Mix 104.1 in early 1995—talk about a surprise! Mix is one of my favorite CHRs of all time. When they first flipped, they were very dance-friendly, playing a lot of late 80s-early 90s freestyle along with the current rhythmic hits of the time. It was definitely more fun than anything B97 has tried since flipping to Talk in ’96. Around early ’98, when Clear Channel bought them (and changed the calls to KUMX) was when they started to mainstream and lost the edge that they had as a locally-owned station. I don’t remember them using Brian Lee voiceover, but I love the sweepstarter and legal ID voiced by him in this aircheck.

    They changed from Adult CHR to Classic Hits in 2001 as KFXN (the Fox), but returned to CHR a year later as a “Kiss” clone, but that iteration couldn’t hold a candle to the old Mix.

    Voodoo is fairly new, having launched on June 30. It’s very rhythmic and at times sounds like Mix in its early days. Personally, I don’t see Voodoo lasting very long, and I’m kind of expecting them to eventually evolve into another CHR.

    I actually found myself in New Orleans the week after Voodoo debuted (they flipped from Classic Rock KOBW “the Brew”) and was able to grab an aircheck. If you’re interested, here’s the address to download it: http://www.mediafire.com/?uigwd9xp0i338fm

  3. I only spent a few years there, but this was one of the best experiences in radio I had. Bill Thorman was the PD, and the staff was amazing. I have a 4 minute composite if you want it, email me and I’ll forward it to ya. Once described as the last great CHR in the country…..and damned proud of it!

  4. I lived in New Orleans during this time and this station has always stuck in my head as one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. I remember B97 as well. I miss those days. I’d stay up all night listening to the radio on my boombox and walkman.

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