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104.1 KHOM - Mix 104.1

KHOM (Mix 104.1) – New Orleans – Oct. ’96 – Jeff Curry

Mix 104.1 offered one of the most diverse playlists I’ve ever heard on a CHR station.  Reviewing the history of the 104.1 frequency, it seems that this was (not surprisingly) from the days when the station was still independently owned.

On this aircheck, I love that the jingle consistently includes the “KHOM”  call letters at the end – particularly surprising since there is no obvious connection between those calls and the “Mix” name.

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  1. I’m in the minority here, but I just didn’t care for the TM Century jingles used here ( I know they were leftovers from their previous format). IMHO, Mix 104.1 sounded MUCH better from a jingle standpoint when they bought cuts from Reelworld’s “Kiss 108 FM 1997” package You can hear examples of them in the other two Mix 104.1 clips.


  2. Jeff Curry and Jammer (Tom N.)! These days, Jammer is back here in New Orleans. He’s the midday jock and PD for B-97 (WEZB-FM).


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