104.1 KHOM - Mix 104.1

KHOM (Mix 104.1) – New Orleans – Oct. ’96 – Jeff Curry

Mix 104.1 offered one of the most diverse playlists I’ve ever heard on a CHR station.  Reviewing the history of the 104.1 frequency, it seems that this was (not surprisingly) from the days when the station was still independently owned.

On this aircheck, I love that the jingle consistently includes the “KHOM”  call letters at the end – particularly surprising since there is no obvious connection between those calls and the “Mix” name.


  1. I’m in the minority here, but I just didn’t care for the TM Century jingles used here ( I know they were leftovers from their previous format). IMHO, Mix 104.1 sounded MUCH better from a jingle standpoint when they bought cuts from Reelworld’s “Kiss 108 FM 1997” package You can hear examples of them in the other two Mix 104.1 clips.


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