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104.1 KHOM - Mix 104.1

KHOM (Mix 104.1) – New Orleans – 8/31/97

KHOM Mix 104.1 New Orleans

Recorded on this date 18 years ago – and serving “The Party Capital of the World” – Mix 104.1 offered one of the most diverse playlists I’ve ever heard on a CHR station. Reviewing the comments from an earlier Mix 104.1 posting, this was (not surprisingly) from the days when the station was still independently owned.

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  1. Every now and then, you get the right mix of people, music, and city and end up with some great radio. This is the good stuff.

  2. Is that jock David Marx, aka “Skid Marxx” or “D.K. Pierce?!”

  3. That would be! Wow.. 18 Yrs.. Where did the time go? I had a blast working for Bill Thorman (PD) back then. He had the station Rockin’ !!


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