106.7 KHTO - Hot 106.7

KHTO (Hot 106.7) – Springfield, MO – 2/15/97

An uptempo, dance-friendly CHR is not necessarily what one would expect to find in a small Midwestern market, but that’s exactly what Hot 106.7 was at this time.


  1. I have been on the air for nearly 40 years. I have survived. Thanks for a great site. I am a big Aircheck user. I still love every minute of them. They inspire me.

    Wish I could listen on an iPad

    1. Scott,

      I was a huge radio listener back in that era, what was the name of the morning show, did you go by something else?

  2. Does anyone remember the other stations in springfield? What 95.5 was before Alice and 98.7 before the jock or the buzzard?

  3. I loved this station!! I had it on all the time. I have a recording from Hot 106.7 (on cassette) from 1994 and would love to post it here. The jingles sure do bring back memories!
    @Jason – 98.7 used to be Rock 99 and then 99 Hit FM…I think. I don’t know what 95.5 was before “Alice.”
    @Scott – Were you a DJ? I’m not remembering your name.

  4. @Jason – 95.5 Was “Z95.5 The Edge Springfield’s New Rock Alternative” from 1998-1999 (before switching to Alice). Before The Edge, it was “Channel Z95 Springfield’s Super Station” (Alternative). Before Channel Z, it was “B95 – KZBE” (Classic Hits/Classic Rock).

  5. It’s a loooong story. 95.5 launched as KZBE in 1993 as a Classic Hits station called B-95. A year latter, it segued into AAA. Somewhere in 1995 they merged with “Super” Frank Copsidias’ Radio 2000 (then owners of KTOZ-FM). That same year they purchased KELE-106.7 in Mount Vernon, then a Soft AC station. It’s studio was moved to Springfield and became CHR as “Hot 106.7”, changing the calls to KHTO. KZBE then swapped frequencies with KTOZ-FM and moved the “Channel Z” format to 95.5. As for the old 104.7 frequency (KTOZ-FM), it went to Mid West Family Broadcasting, who at the time only owned KOSP. They changed it to Classic Hits as KKLH. Radio 2000 also bought KZPD-104.1, an Easy Listening station in Republic and changed it’s format to all 80s as KQMO “Star 104”. 95.5 would later sell to Sunburst, which later sold to Clear Channel. A retooled “Channel Z” format would later show up on 104.1. Eventually 104.1 and 106.7 would be sold to Wilks, then Journal.

    Needless to say I was a fan.

  6. I miss Channel Z95/Z95.5 The Edge. 🙁 Sadly, I miss HOT 106.7 now too, even though back then I thought it was silly. GOD I MISS THE 90’s!

  7. I am having a serious moment of nostalgia right now, thinking about my childhood growing up in Springfield as an angsty youth listening to nothing but Channel Z in my bedroom. I am trying to remember the female DJ that was on the air circa 1994-96 era. The only other DJ I can concisely recall is Dan the Man. Can anyone help me out, what was her name! She supposedly ran off with the lead singer of the Lemonheads. Anyone!

    also, I’d love to hear any personal experiences/stories from this era if anyone feels like sharing.

    @Travis, I MISS THE 90s TOO MAN…. SO GOOD

    1. The DJ I am trying to recall…. “whatshername”… I did call-in and talk to her once, briefly… I think I called in to wish her a happy birthday (I was such an awkward kid and had a huge crush on her even though I had never seen her before)… She was really nice, and I was really nervous, she invited me to come to meet her at the Urge show that night at the Juke-Joint. She was surprised/disappointed to find out that I was only 13 :/

  8. I have started to convert the cassette I have to mp3. The recording was during Ray Michael’s show. I’d like to post some of it here, but I can’t find where to upload it. Anybody know the process?

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