WMEE (Mix 97.3) – Fort Wayne, IN – 2/23/96 – Charly Butcher

Recorded on a foggy morning in late February 1996, this is a sample of the morning show (hosted by the late Charly Butcher) on Fort Wayne’s longtime Hot AC outlet. NOTE: The logo shown was taken from an archive of WMEE’s website dated December 1996. It does not reflect the “Mix 97.3” branding heard on the montage. Many thanks to Scott Fybush of Fybush.com for contributing this aircheck!

WBSS (Boss 97 FM) – Atlantic City, NJ – 10/16/94

At a time when many CHRs leaned towards R&B/Hip-Hop or Modern Rock, Boss 97 FM offered a Dance-oriented approach – making it seemingly one of the very few stations in the U.S. to do so (offhand, the only others I can think of were WBBM-FM/B96 Chicago and I assume KNHC/C89 Seattle – am I forgetting any?) This aircheck includes an amusing segment titled “Crow For Your Team”, focused on the NFL game taking place that weekend between two longtime rivals: The Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.  Two listeners called in and had 15 seconds to explain why their team would emerge victorious.  The Cowboys fan was acknowledged as dialing from a  noisy “car phone”, and a “Judge Lance Ito” (from OJ Simpson trial fame) picked the winner. This was n...

97.3 Radio Forth – Edinborough, Scotland – 7/3/97

Recorded 18 years ago this month, here’s a sample of Scotland’s long-running CHR known as “Radio Forth”. Perhaps most noteworthy to those familiar with U.S. CHR radio is the station’s use of two legendary voice talents: Mitch Craig and Brian James. More information about the history of Radio Forth can be found on Wikipedia.

WBSS (Boss 97 FM) – Atlantic City, NJ – 6/27/91 – Dangerous Doug Parks

“Broadcasting from a holding cell at the Atlantic County jail…“ Boss 97 was a high-energy Rhythmic CHR that had an impressive run of over 8 years — outlasting many of its peers in the format. More information about the history of the station can be found here.

WKXJ (Hot Jammin’ Kicks FM) – Chattanooga, TN – 5/10/98 – Dr. Dave

Hot Jammin’ Kicks FM was a unique station, offering a late 90’s Rhythmic-leaning CHR format mixed with a late 80’s style presentation — featuring reverb, jingles, lasers and a “big” sounding voice guy. Check out this WKXJ aircheck from our sister site, Airchexx.com, for more information on this station.