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97.3 WBSS - Boss 97 FM

WBSS (Boss 97 FM) – Atlantic City, NJ – 10/16/94

wbssAt a time when many CHRs leaned towards R&B/Hip-Hop or Modern Rock, Boss 97 FM offered a Dance-oriented approach – making it seemingly one of the very few stations in the U.S. to do so (offhand, the only others I can think of were WBBM-FM/B96 Chicago and I assume KNHC/C89 Seattle – am I forgetting any?)

This aircheck includes an amusing segment titled “Crow For Your Team”, focused on the NFL game taking place that weekend between two longtime rivals: The Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys.  Two listeners called in and had 15 seconds to explain why their team would emerge victorious.  The Cowboys fan was acknowledged as dialing from a  noisy “car phone”, and a “Judge Lance Ito” (from OJ Simpson trial fame) picked the winner.

This was near the end of the Boss 97 FM days; a format change took place in 1995. More details about the station’s history can be found at this link.

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  1. Did They Named This Station After The Boss Himself, Mr. Bruce “The Boss” Springsteen?

  2. What happened to Terence lov The “love Man”


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