KKFR (Power 92) – Phoenix – 11/19/00 – The Manic Hispanic, Charlie Huero & DJ Shy (Aquanet Set)

Since June of 1997, KKFR — both at its former home on 92.3 FM, and at its current home on 98.3 FM — has made hip-hop and R&B the primary (if not exclusive) focus of its Rhythmic CHR format.  However, in the early 2000’s, it would offer a return to its dance-oriented roots for a brief period each Sunday night.  A portion of the “Lowrider Oldies Show” (also known as the “Sunday Night Old School Show”) was known as the “Aquanet Set”.  This program — whose name refers to the hairspray-laden members of freestyle acts in the 1980’s — originated (?) and was made famous by KKFR’s former sister station, KPWR (Power 106) in Los Angeles. Note: This montage represents broadcasts from two different nights. The first one (hosted by The Manic Hispanic) is most likely from 11/19/00 as indicated in the...

WPRR (100.1) – Altoona/State College, PA – 11/14/99 – Bob McCarty

“The only station the whole family can agree upon” Recorded 15 years ago today, this is a sample of a longtime CHR serving small market Pennsylvania, voiced by the late and great Brian James. According to Wikipedia, the station first adopted a Top-40 format in 1986.  In 2005, it rebranded itself as “Hot 100” with the WWOT calls.

WBPM (B94) – Kingston/Poughkeepsie, NY – 11/14/98

WBPM (B94) in New York’s Hudson Valley is one of the most unique stations I’ve ever heard. Musically, it offered an unfocused Rhythmic CHR format that featured many not-so-mainstream Dance selections.  Production-wise, it used dated jingles and sweepers — presumably from the station’s glory days in the 1980’s — voiced by the legendary Charlie Van Dyke. This montage of the station was recorded 15 years ago this week. Apologies for the overmodulated audio.  

WHTZ (Z100) – New York – Nov/Dec ’91 – Various personalities

Recorded around this time of the year, 22 years ago, this is a sample of what is/was probably America’s best-sounding major market CHR.

Quote 864 – Hong Kong – 11/7/97

Most of the material on, to the surprise of no one we hope, was recorded from the FM band. The majority of the content here also pertains to U.S. radio stations. Today’s posting is the exception on both accounts. This is a sample of Hong Kong’s “Quote 864″, recorded 16 years ago this month. A portion of this aircheck was recorded during a mixshow named, simply enough, “Mix Party”. Also left intact is a news report which aired immediately after “Mix Party” along with Public Service Announcements.

WCBR/WBRO (92.7 Kiss-FM) – suburban Chicago – 11/25/98

In November 1998, pure Mainstream CHR was heard on Chicagoland airwaves (for the first time in many years) with the launch of “92.7 Kiss-FM“ on a pair of suburban signals. This is a sample of the station about a week and a half after its debut (recorded 14 years ago today.) More information on the history of this station can be found at Wikipedia.  

WPOW (Power 96) – Miami – 11/25/98 – DJ Laz

Miami’s Power 96 is one of America’s heritage Rhythmic CHRs.  It has always offered an approach custom-tailored to its unique market – a rarity in an increasingly homogenized and corporate-dominated radio environment. This is a sample of the station from the night before Thanksgiving in 1998.