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107.1 KLYY - Y107 / Los Angeles

KLYY (Y107) – Arcadia (Los Angeles), CA – 11/20/99 – Young Anthony


Quoting from a Y107 aircheck posted on Soundcloud: “From April 1996 through December 1999, Y107 was “Southern California’s Modern Rock”. Y107 was a synchronized trimulcast of KLYY Arcadia, KSYY Fallbrook, and KVYY Ventura, with each signal at 107.1 MHz.”

This is a sample of Y107 from the KLYY signal, recorded just a little over three weeks before a change to a Spanish Hits format.

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  1. This is during the overnight shift. Earlier in the year, Young Anthony was the morning show producer at Y107 and he also had previously produced for Mark and Brian at KLOS. Y107’s Program Director at the time was Max Tolkoff.

  2. Y107 was cool as long as you weren’t driving too far. It would always cut out on my commute to Orange County from Pasadena around the 57 & I-5. Also gaps between Arcadia, Ventura and Fallbrook.

  3. I remember this station well. I graduated from Arcadia High in 1998 and used to listen to this station all the time. Yes, it did drop out in certain areas – mostly near the South Coast. It was my favorite radio station..

    Unfortunately what I remember most about the station is about 3 weeks after this recording they abruptly went off the air and played a continuous 72 hour loop of “Feliz Navidad”. To this day when I hear that song around the holidays the first thing I think is “My favorite radio station is off the air…..”


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