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102.7 KIIS-FM – L.A. – July ’93 – Whitney Allen, John Murphy, Rick Dees

“It’s 7 O’Clock on the West Coast at KIIS…K-I-I-S, FM & AM, Los Angeles”.  Voiced by the late and great Brian James, that’s one of my all-time favorite legal IDs, and many variations of it are heard on this compilation from the Summer of 1993.

At this time, in celebration of Independence Day, KIIS had a very amusing “Red, White and Balls Weekend” promotion that included liners such as “dangle your balls from your rearview mirror” and “just make sure your balls are visible.”

At a time when many CHRs struggled to find success with the increasingly polarized nature of the format, KIIS elected to mix in a number of hits from years past – the station’s slogan at the time was “The Best Hits of the 80′s and 90′s.”


  1. KIIS-FM sounded pretty good during this period, but why dump out of every set? It would have been nice to hear the sets in their entirety.

  2. Jay,

    Thanks for visiting the site!

    If you’re asking why the songs were not left intact – it’s because of copyright concerns. I’ve seen full airchecks posted on Youtube that have been muted (literally) because they were flagged by the record industry.

    If it’s something else you’re referring to – this particular sample was originally a mix tape (actually a couple of mix tapes) that I recorded as a teenager while visiting Southern California in July 1993. I just basically wanted to tape my favorite songs – and I ended up keeping some non-music elements as well – which is primarily what you hear on the montage. If it was orignally a “real” aircheck (as is the case for most of the material here), it would have included more non-music elements.

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