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96.3 WBBM-FM - B96

WBBM-FM (B96) – Chicago – Nov ’96 – DJ Markski

WBBM-FM B96 B-96 Chicago

During a significant portion of the 1990′s, B96 offered a dance music-heavy format focused on currents — making it one of the very few major market, full signal commercial stations in the U.S. to find success with that formula during that decade.

This aircheck, recorded in the midst of that era (on a couple of Friday/Saturday nights in November 1996),is a great example of why dance radio fanatics held the station in such high regard. It focuses on the Eurodance genre (arguably at its peak) via mixes from DJ Markski.

Please note that this montage is more music-heavy than what you’ll normally find on the site;
this was done intentionally to highlight the depth of the musical selections, and also because –
as is the norm with mix shows – there was minimal non-music material.

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