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KZZP 104.7 FM – Phoenix – 1980 to 1990 (?) – Bruce Kelly, Clarke Ingram, Steve Goddard, Tim Hattrick, Valerie Knight, Jim Morales

Composite of KZZP 104.7 FM Phoenix – “The #1 Hit Music Station” – from what appears to be the mid to late 1980’s and possibly 1990.  Features Bruce Kelly, Clarke Ingram (possibly his first or one of his first shows on the station), Steve Goddard, Tim Hattrick, Valerie Knight, and Jim Morales.  Note the 260-6404 phone number – this later changed to 260-1047. There also appears to be a segment recorded from the former KZZP 1310 AM.  I believe this was a simulcast of the FM for most/all of its existence.  However, this segment seems to imply that the programming was, at least at that moment, different on the two; can anyone clarify this? http://bit.ly/gtt8T5 indicates that KZZP-AM became Adult Standards as KXAM on 2/19/90; the segment references Adult Standards and the AM station, so perhaps that particular segment is from that day.


  1. This is a weird compilation, the early bk jingle talk, goddard, clark, valerie, etc is 1985-86 while the buttman skit, and manute boll call are 1989 prior to Batman Movie release and during suns playoff run in april-may 1989

  2. KZZP-AM was run separately until at least 1984/85. I was rather young then but I seem to recall that they were more urban oriented on AM, perhaps to compete with the KUKQ format of the day. I do remember they did a stunt of “blowing up” the radio station on air, after which FM was simulcast.

  3. When KZZP first signed on, AM stations could not simulcast the FM more than 25% (give or take) of the day. KZZP got a waiver for this while it was in Thomas Mall and did a 100% simulcast because it didn’t have enough room for another studio, but once they moved into 727 S. Extension they simulcast the morning show and part of Goddard’s afternoon show and then had a separate air staff (including William “Bud” LaTour, yes the guy who did the “People Are Still Having Sex” song) for middays and Steve Ludwig at night. Then, after Satellite Music Network launched and it was determined that they weren’t making enough money to have live jocks on the AM they put a SMN AC format on 1310, still with the KZZP calls. That remained in place until the day the FCC dropped the simulcast rule allowing 100% simulcast. KZZP remained simulcasting until the station was sold (save for Bruce Kelly’s K-Bruce in the AM’s final days.)

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