104.7 KZZP

KZZP 104.7 FM – Phoenix – 1986/1987 – “Saturday Night Party Patrol”

“If you’re offended by any of the programming you hear on the KZZP Saturday Night Party Patrol, please dial 1-800-EAT-SH…well, 328-7448” — one of the many entertaining sweepers defining this high-energy program on the legendary KZZP/Phoenix during the mid-80’s.


  1. Though the sweepers remained for years, this is when Party Patrol was in it’s infancy in 1986-87, before we took the van out live! The main voice is Doug Grimes/Roberts or Most recently KROQ-LA’s Doug the Slug

  2. Too funny.I remember all that stuff. Got acquainted with most of the jocks at the station following a nasty divorce and getting sole custody of my young son Scott.He liked everybody he heard because I always seemed to be in a better mood when listening,so we went over to meet them at different times.Bruce Kelly, Maggie Brock, John O’Rourke,Doug Roberts, Judy Dragon,Mike Elliott and Kent Boss were all very nice.Steve Grosz too! Mark Davis not so much………oh well.My son will be 31 next month and still gets a big kick out of talking about that with friends of his.

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