76.1 JODW - InterFM

JODW (76.1 InterFM) – Tokyo – 1/28/98 – K.C.


The majority of content on FMairchecks.com pertains to U.S. radio stations. However, we do offer a few exceptions, such as this sample of Tokyo’s long-running 76.1 InterFM. According to Wikipedia, this predominantly English language station “mirrors American FM radio style”. However, not surprisingly, the playlist, at least at the time of this recording, was much more adventurous than one would find on a typical U.S. station with a CHR format. A welcome difference is the inclusion of a news update.

While we don’t know the timeframe of if/when the station used them, artist Ben Folds included jingles he performed for InterFM on his 2010 B-Sides & Rarities Album “Songs For Goldfish”.


  1. Tanim,

    I think this was from 1998 as the 007 film “Tomorrow Never Dies” that was mentioned on the aircheck came out in December of 1997. Also, Madonna’s “Ray Of Light” (which the song “Frozen” was on) was released in 1998 as well.


  2. Thanks Robyn (and my apologies for the delayed response.) Now that I think about it, the person who recorded this aircheck for me would not have been in Tokyo in 1997. I’ve edited the date accordingly.

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