Buffalo NY

CKEY (FM 101 The Planet) – Niagara Falls, ON / Buffalo NY – 2/9/97 – Chris Sheppard

In the mid to late 90’s, CKEY offered a dance music-heavy Rhythmic CHR format branded as “FM 101 The Planet”. This is a sample of the “Pirate Radio” program hosted by Chris Sheppard. ¬†Sheppard shares a great deal of knowledge about the music being played on this show.

CKEY now offers a Mainstream CHR format as CFLZ “Z101.1”.


  1. Hmm, this is NOT how I remember it. Since I was the co-producer of the show that Chris Sheppard would have appeared on prior to the above sample, I would have to differ, with your above comments. I am hoping some of our Fans might still have tape from the original broadcasts, but our patter used to go like this: (spoken By DJ Drakkar) Welcome everybody, we are coming at you LIVE!, from FM 101 The Planet. I’m DJ Drakar, and you will be hearing from our Regulars DJ’s: Funky Dread, JUS’ Nice, and our Special guest this week: (fill in name Here)” Regular Guests included Chris Sheppard, Sam Demoe, and a young 12 year old Candy Raver who had been producing since he was 7 years old, on DOS based hardware. Back then we knew him as Joel Zimmerman from one of the Suburbs of Niagara Falls, but today he bills himself as “Deadmau5”, from Toronto. I will comment again once I listen to the above sample. As far as the show’s producer has recollected to me personally, we ran for 14 years in Syndication. (The Party Revolution, that is)

    I might be wrong as to which “Sam” it was that played on the show, all I remember is that “Sam” was the regular DJ at a Bar in Toronto called “The Government” (will update this post in the future) I can tell you that the Digital Audio Workstation which produced the shows content, at one time consisted of: Intel Pentium 166 MHz CPU, 128 MB of Ram, Intel VX Chip Set, “Adaptec AHA-2940U2W PCI Ultra2 SCSI Controller”, Maxtor’s “Brand New Special Video Editing Hard Drives” that ran at a whopping 7200 RPM (Gasp!), and whatever was the latest and greatest Creative Labs sound card. (AWE 32 was one of them.) Software used to produce the show was Cakewalk, which has now been superceded by Cu-Base, and a great little program called “Goldwave” I just checked Wikipedia, and the current website for Goldwave, and looks like it still might be a viable product, of quite capable means still. Wasn’t aware it had been used in the 90’s to fix Neil Armstrong’s Moon Landing comments. Would love to have a chat with whomever it was that had access to the original Raw Tape on THAT ONE!!! (I actually listened to that broadcast live, as a child.)

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