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107.3 KKRD

KKRD (107.3) – Wichita, KS – 2/15/00 – The Hitman

This is a sample of Wichita’s heritage CHR 107.3 KKRD at the start of the new millennium (recorded 13 years ago this week.)  Compared to other CHRs in the era (in general), KKRD’s presentation appeared to be more energetic and in particular, personality-heavy.

According to Wikipedia: at this time, KKRD was in serious competition with Rhythmic CHR KDGS “Power 93.9”.  Four years later, KKRD’s format moved to 96.3 and the station was rebranded as “Channel 9-6-3” (KZCH).

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  1. Ah the good ole days of Radio. I lived in Wichita in 90/91 going to college at WSU god I loved KKRD all I kept my radio on. Great days and great music it was a time to live and be happy. Now days I’m not sure what happened but it’s not the same that is has no personality or substance. I guess it was bound to happen but I sure wish it would come back.Thanks for posting great memories.


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