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101.5 WHJX - Channel X

WHJX (101.5 Channel X) – Jacksonville, FL – 6/14/94

During the early to mid 1990’s, a handful of radio stations in the United States – such as 101.5 Channel X – adopted an MTV-like approach. Specifically, they blended together modern rock and urban hits — and not just the most mainstream selection from each genre. To maintain some balance, Channel X also incorporated selections that are best described as “pure pop”.

However, according to this message board posting, WHJX did not stick with this approach for very long; after about 4 months, it returned to an Urban format.

This aircheck was recorded 19 years ago today.


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  1. I heard the station when I was visiting Daytona Beach in June of 1994; I enjoyed hearing both rap and rock on the radio and thought it would be a new format that would sweep the nation. However, it never happened.


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