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104.1 WXTR / 103.9 WXVR - Z104

WXTR/WXVR (Z104) – Washington, D.C. – 7/18/96

Recorded 17 years ago today, and just three days after its debut, this is a sample of the station that represented the Mainstream CHR format in our nation’s capital during the mid to late 90′s. The call letters eventually changed to WWZZ/WWVZ to match the moniker.

In these earliest days, the station offered a dance-friendly approach similar to nearby WXYV (102.7 ‘XYV) in Baltimore and KZQZ (Z95.7) in San Francisco – all were consulted by Dan Vallie.

An interesting strategy employed by all the stations was to play recurrents (from the prior 3 years or so) that,  when they were new, had not received much (if any) radio exposure in the market.

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  1. Yeah, “Z104” had a crap ton of static in areas like Leesburg and Reston, go further east to Alexandria or Falls Church and you’ll hear them better. Thanks to Hot 99.5, which had a great signal throughout the ENTIRE market, Z104 went AC.


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