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94.3 WBPM - B94

WBPM (B94) – Kingston/Poughkeepsie, NY – 11/14/98

wbpmWBPM (B94) in New York’s Hudson Valley is one of the most unique stations I’ve ever heard. Musically, it offered an unfocused Rhythmic CHR format that featured many not-so-mainstream Dance selections.  Production-wise, it used dated jingles and sweepers — presumably from the station’s glory days in the 1980’s — voiced by the legendary Charlie Van Dyke.

This montage of the station was recorded 15 years ago this week. Apologies for the overmodulated audio.


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  1. I was told you had a news artical about opting out of gun registration this morning, 2/15/13. Can you send me the transcript? I am very interested in reading it.
    Thank you for your time.
    Bill Kimbark

    • Hello Bill. is actually not associated with any radio stations. We just post old recordings of radio stations.

      You posted your question as a comment under a recording for the station whose call letters used to be WBPM. The WBPM call letters are now on 92.9 FM. If this is where you heard about the news article in question, I would suggest contacting the station directly – its Website is

      The station that now resides on 94.3 FM (where WBPM used to be) is now known as WZAD-FM. Its website is


      Tanim Hussain

  2. Anyone know thw song at 1:51?

    • Never mind. It’s Imajin’s Shorty


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