94.3 WBPM - B94

WBPM (B94) – Kingston/Poughkeepsie, NY – 6/20/98


WBPM (B94) in New York’s Hudson Valley is one of the most unique stations I’ve ever heard. Musically, it offered an unfocused Rhythmic CHR format that featured many not-so-mainstream Dance selections.  Production-wise, it used dated jingles and sweepers — presumably from the station’s glory days in the 1980’s — voiced by the legendary Charlie Van Dyke.


  1. WOW!! Hearing Carl’s voice was AWESOME!! AAAHHHH the good ol days… Working 7p to Midnight on B-94 was a BLAST!! I miss those 3 years I was there…
    “AMEN, Take Care of Yourselves!!” LOLOL
    ~Bill Carroll

  2. I also enjoyed my times at B-94 working wtih the likes of Carl Dayton, Robin Taylor, Bill Carroll, Mike Vincent and Joanne C, they were some of the best days of my life!!!

    1. wow! i have no recolection of saying those words at all! Who the hell was that? lol. Billy and Dan, i agree those were the best days of my life. Thanks for being part of them. Miss you guys. c. dayton. Thanks to Mike Vincent for posting.

  3. Hey Ed… Yes, I’m the Director of Production for Centennial Broadcasting here in Central VA just outside of DC. I also own a full service production company at DistantStarEvents.com. Having a ball still in radio…. I know Hank Silverburg has been at WTOP in Wash DC for years now. I’d say at least half of the people that we worked with at WBPM/WGHQ is still working in radio in some form or another.

    What have YOU been up to???


  4. Hi, thank you for posting this. When I was growing up, this was my favorite radio station. I randomly googled the radio station yesterday and found this site and it brought back so many great memories because all I had was radio growing up. I owe my diverse taste in music to this station and it beat k104 by light years… don’t understand how this station isn’t around today. Anyway, I’m wondering if there are any records of playlists still around? You guys used to play some gems that time has forgotten about.


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