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102.1 WIOQ - Q102

WIOQ (Q102) – Philadelphia – 12/2/97 – Joe Mama

Recorded 16 years ago, this is a montage of Q102 during its final days with a Dance-leaning Mainstream CHR format – a relative rarity then (and now) for most U.S. commercial stations. The station moved into a more conventional Mainstream CHR direction at the start of 1998.

At this time, in my opinion, the station offered outstanding production values – much improved over what was heard earlier in 1997.

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  1. Joe “Mama” Mason Was Also On KSHE 95 & 93.7 KSD FM Back In The Days.

  2. Thank you SO much for the kind words re: production values. I did middays at Q102 until 2/1997 (right around the time of the OTHER aircheck to which you referred). At that time, I came off the air to be the imaging director. It took a month or so to freshen up the sound and add my flavor.

    I didn’t feel my predecessor was “trying to hard to make the station sound hip” as you said. But, I did think all the imaging was a tad too “epic.” Very big. No forward momentum. Everything came to a standstill with every sweeper.

    By the time of this aircheck, it was all my imaging. My voice is also on a bit of it (On Location, the elf in the Santa promo, etc…) Glad you dug it! Q102 was a GREAT time of my career.


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