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94.9 KBOS - B95

KBOS (B95) – Fresno, CA – 12/17/91 – Jeff Scott

KBOS B95 Fresno

B95 is one of America’s longest-running CHRs, adopting a Rhythmic lean long before it became the norm to do so.

Jeff Scott (featured on the second half of this montage, recorded 21 years ago today) is one of at least three members of the station to later work in the Phoenix market – others include Krazy Kid (KBZR/KPTY, KKFR, KZZP, KZON) and Don Parker (featured in a commercial at the start of the aircheck; as PD of KKFR in the mid-90’s, led the station to its highest ever 12+ Arbitron shares.)


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  1. White boys sounding foolish. Parker was a terrible jock btw.


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