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96.3 WBBM-FM - B96

WBBM-FM (B96) – Chicago – Jan. ’94 – Frankie “Hollywood” Rodriguez

During a significant portion of the 1990′s, B96 offered a dance music-heavy format focused on currents — making it one of the very few major market, full signal commercial stations in the U.S. to find success with that formula during that decade. This aircheck, recorded at the peak of that era, is a great example of why dance radio fanatics held the station in such high regard. This montage features a sample of a classic dance segment on the “Street Mix” along with regular programming, and it’s hosted by longtime station personality Frankie “Hollywood” Rodriguez.


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  1. I am fairly certain I recorded this. I got home from work and popped in a tape the second I heard Lime would be on. Was in the 11PM hour. It was also cold that night. Lol. Just my OPINION: I am fairly certain these 2 people are NOT the original “Lime” band. The original members were Denis and Denyse LePage, husband and wife team. As they got older they were sending out younger lip sync artists to perform their music (as can be noted on some YouTube videos). The girl on this clip says she is from “Montana”. If it was Denyse LePage, she was joking around. As the band was based and last I heard she still lives in Canada. Frankie was and is a good guy. Great mixer. He had a few hit songs with his band “FHR Project”. Frankie was from the (original 1980s) WBMX Chicago days and a mainstay of the Chicago dance scene. Was a sad day when B96 dismissed him.


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