103.9 WXVR-WWZZ/104.1 WXTR-WWVZ - Z104

WWVZ/WWZZ (Z104) – Washington, D.C. – 10/1/01 – Sean Sellers, Rod Hendrix


Recorded 14 years ago today, this is a sample of Washington, D.C.’s Z104 the day after it switched format to Modern AC (following a 5-year run as a CHR).

Included is what was presumably a prerecorded message from former 4-year evening host Mathew Blades, who stated that the reason for his resignation was because of the station’s decision to move in a more music-intensive direction.

The station later switched to “More Music 104”, then back to “Z104.1”, before becoming the new home of Classical WGMS in January 2006.


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