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KEDJ (106.3/96.3 the Edge) – 11/1/94 – Willobee & Jayn Sayd


“Morning Breath Theater” morning show on Modern Rock 106.3 the Edge (KEDJ Phoenix) with Willobee and Jayn Sayd – recorded November 1, 1994 (21 years ago yesterday).

The station was broadcasting on 106.3 and 96.3 at this time. Per info from Eric Stein: “96.3 was a translator atop South Mountain, call letters K242AG. KEDJ used this to improve East Valley coverage before the KHOT-FM simulcast began in August 1995. The translator later was used by another signal-troubled local station or maybe a religious group, and moved to 95.9 for a while as K240CV after KSWG moved to 96.3.”


  1. Some background on the translator… The owner of The Edge at the time (Resource Media) did not own 100.3, it was LMA’ed from G&G International, who previously ran Z-Rock on 100.3 before leasing it out to the Edge.

    Translator ownership rules of the day would prohibit Resource Media from owning a translator to rebroadcast KEDJ or G&G from owning a translator to rebroadcast KHOT… so they had G&G file for the translator at 96.3 to rebroadcast KEDJ and Resource Media put up a translator at 104.1 to rebroadcast KHOT 100.3 (this went on when they launched their ill-fated hot talk with Howard Stern and Carla Foxx). The 104.1 was up on Shaw Butte on the KMLE aux stick (also home of the 106.3 transmitter at the time).

    I mentioned to Jay Brentlinger that I was enjoying listening to Stern at my apartment off of Bell Road on 104.1. Since Jay owned 104.3 Payson and 103.9 Coolidge, that sent him into orbit, and that translator didn’t last more than about a week before he had it shut down for interference. Whoops.

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