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KIBB (B100) – Los Angeles – 11/17/97

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Following the “worst-to-first” success of New York’s WKTU in 1996, a number of stations around the U.S. attempted similar formats (essentially Rhythmic AC) in their markets. B100 was one example – but the station never came close to achieving KTU-like numbers. It debuted in the Fall of 1996, emphasizing 70’s and 80’s Dance/R&B selections and positioning itself with the slogan “LA’s Hot FM.” Several months later, Viacom sold the station to Chancellor (which became AMFM). During the Spring of 1997, Chancellor tried to improve the station by making it more current-intensive and modifying the station’s slogan to “The Rhythm of L.A.”, among other changes, but the ratings didn’t improve. By the Fall, rumors of KIBB’s demise surfaced.

This aircheck, recorded 18 years ago tomorrow, represents the final days of B100. The station went jockless and began airing announcements teasing a major event to take place in the near future. Also featured were painfully obviously scripted calls from listeners asking “what’s going on” and if “everybody” (presumably referring to the on-air staff) would be “brought back”.

Two days later, B100 became Rhythmic Oldies as “Mega 100” (with the calls KCMG adopted shortly thereafter). The  station enjoyed instant ratings success — not to the degree of WKTU, but enough to cause the format to spread rapidly to markets all across the U.S. — which is ironic given the premise upon which B100 came to fruition.


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  1. KTU was a classic dance station that had great brand when it was launched again in February 1996. It was a big event for us Generation X kids who did not have a dance or pop station in town at the time. Z100 had reverted to a mix of new rock/pop and many stations in the city were playing alternative rock music.

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