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105.1 WNSR / New York NY

WNSR (“FM 105.1”) – New York – 11/14/97 – Karen Carson


105.1 FM in New York went through numerous formats in the late 1990’s. This is a montage of the station during a period when, according to The Format Change Archive, the station transitioned from Modern AC back to Hot AC, and called itself simply “FM 105.1”.

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  1. I remember 105.1 from this era very vividly. This was a few months after the “Buzz” Modern AC format left the airwaves, and before the “Big 105” rebranding in January 1998. The original plan for 105.1 was for a Soft AC format to battle WLTW (hence the WNSR calls) but that was shelved when Bonneville sold the station to Chancellor around the same time.

    The “FM 105.1” format was so bland and low-rated that I’m shocked anyone actually airchecked it!


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