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100.7 WHYI - Y-100

WHYI (Y100) – Miami – 6/24/99 – Rich Rodriguez

One of America’s heritage CHRs (the longest with the same calls/nickname according to Wikipedia) is Miami’s Y-100 (100.7 WHYI).  At the peak of the boy-band/girl-band era, here’s a segment from the summer before the start of the new millennium. This features host Rich Rodriguez telling hopeful contest winners that he’s looking for caller #1007.

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  1. Love this why do I love this because the radio host is my dad rich rodriguez is my dad and I’ve never heard his voice before and sadly he passed away not too long after this recording a couple years after it but thank you who ever post this don’t know if you will see this or comment back but thank you from the bottom of my heart

    • Zach,

      I just stumbled upon this great aircheck of your dad and couldn’t believe my eyes when I read your post. I knew your dad well as we worked together at Y100. I remember when he returned to Houston for treatment and we were all saddened when he passed. He was truly one of the best on-air talent I ever worked with and I have great memories of your dad.

  2. Well it’s took me 17 years I find any on him most of the stuff that I had from him got burned in a house fire that me and my mother were in shortly after my dad passed and I want to thank you for commenting back I would like to know more about him if you wouldn’t mind

    • Sorry to hear about the fire. I may have some audio from his shows at Y100 and maybe some pictures. What’s your email address?

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