104.7 KZZP

KZZP (104.7) – Phoenix – Winter 1990 – Chet Buchanan

Station composite of KZZP 104.7 FM Phoenix, from early 1990. Features Chet Buchanan’s first night on the air at the station.


  1. This is the beginning of the end for the Legendary KZZP, though Chet was a great guy, This was winter 1990, and the ratings were sinking quick as Kevin and Bean went to LA, Bruce Kelly was fired once of many times in Phoenix, and Dave Ryan was on the way to mornings.

    Hello 2.9 Share in next book…..3rd place CHR and on the way to KVRY

  2. Until about the 3 minute mark this is the infamous Doug Roberts (producer/creator of The Edge as well), who headed further west to join L.A.’s KROQ as Doug “The Slug” in 1990, quickly becoming known as “Sluggo”.

  3. Ah, Chet Buchanan… I won a cassette from Dave Ryan for making fun of his delivery one morning. Dave announced a Chet Buchanan impersonation contest, so I called in and mocked one of his catch phrases and his habit of stretching out the calls to hit the post. Dave woke up Chet to judge it. I believe my line was “Hey, it’s me Chet Buchanan kicking it live on K – Z – Z————P!”

    Sorry Chet, it was too easy.

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