93.3 KHTS - Channel 933

KHTS (Channel 9-3-3) – San Diego – Nov ’96 – Cha Cha

KHTS Channel 933 Channel 9-3-3 San Diego

“All New, All Dance” – this aircheck, from November 1996, represents the sound of Channel 9-3-3 (KHTS San Diego) in its earliest days. It offered an outstanding music mix, talent, sweepers, and all-around production values. IMHO, this is what a Dance CHR station should sound like, and it’s the best I’ve personally ever heard. However, the masses did not agree  – KHTS evolved to a more conventional Rhythmic CHR by the Spring of 1997.


  1. I was 13 when this station went on the air, loved this station, the DJ is Cha Cha and was on this station for 10 years until 2006.

  2. This aircheck is amazing…you’re right. It was one of the best Dance CHRs. I worked with Cha Cha in 1990…long before Channel 9-3-3. She was middays and I was nights. Kimo Jensen did mornings and Benny Martinez did PM drive. Cha Cha got her start on the original Z-90.3 when it was classic rock back in the 80s operating out of a moutaintop studio in TJ. It was owned by Califormula Group/Ed Diaz. By 1996, I was in Phoenix on KVRY Variety 104.7 as “Jason Garrett.” 1996 was also the year KVRY/Phx flipped BACK to KZZP.

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