97.9 WOWZ & 105.5 WOWB - Wow-FM

WOWB/WOWZ (97.9 & 105.5 Wow-FM) – Utica/Rome, NY – 4/9/97 – Paul Reilly, J.P. Marks


This is a sample of a relatively short-lived but fun small market Dance CHR station.  Wow-FM was seemingly modeled on the blueprint laid out by New York City’s WKTU, which had debuted a little over a year earlier and went from worst to first in a single rating book.

More information about the history of this station can be found at Wikipedia.


  1. Oh, and the voice production was J.J. McKay from Texas. This was right before we switched the jingles from the Jam package to the Reelworld ‘ZPL package.

  2. J.P. Marks – I’m so glad you found this aircheck! The Wow FM logo shown above is taken from a t-shirt that you sent me! Thanks again! 🙂

  3. Who is the female R&B singer that sings that song at 11:37 with the lyrics “what am i to … not suppose to do” and what’s the song title?

    1. Her name is Jana, later known as Jana Maria and then Jana Mashonee. Met her in person in 1997 when she performed for one of our summer jam concerts and at a Gavin convention. Very nice and very talented. I’m surprised she didn’t go further.

  4. I think this is April 9th because an event was happening on the 23rd, two weeks to the day from whenever this was recorded.

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