100.7 KRTX - House Party

KRTX (100.7 House Party) – Houston – 4/1/99

This is a montage of the early days of Latino-oriented “100.7 House Party.” It moved around the Houston-area radio dial and went through a couple of name changes before disappearing entirely in 2009. See this Wikipedia page for more detailed information.

Editorial notes:

  • No logo is available for 100.7 House Party. The logo shown here represents KRTX from its days on 104.9 FM. Go to formatchange.com for more details.
  • The 4th musical selection on this aircheck is, quite possibly, the most obnoxious song I’ve ever heard.  It’s almost surreal that it was played on an FM station in a Top-10 market.


  1. Nice aircheck. FWIW: The “obnoxious song” was “Hoody Hooo” by TRU. It went to #31 on the R&B chart, but for some reason failed to chart on the Rap chart.

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