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107.1 WFHN - Fun 107

WFHN (Fun 107) – Fairhaven/New Bedford, MA – 5/30/99 – Jennifer Hart


“Fun 107” (107.1 WFHN Fairhaven/New Bedford, MA) certainly lives up to its relatively unique name, even to this day.  In the late 90’s, it was one of the best-sounding stations around, offering a Rhythmic-leaning Mainstream CHR format that even included a few dance/rhythmic classics.  Production-wise, the enthusiastic delivery of the voice guy (can’t recall his name — can anyone help?) and jingles were outstanding.  This aircheck is from an early evening in late May 1999.

EDIT: The voice of the station was Pat Garrett. Thanks Jeremy Andrews for the info!

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  1. That’s no other than Pat Garrett doing the voice work


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