95.5 KZFM - Hot Z95

KZFM (Hot Z95) – Corpus Christi, TX – 9/4/94 – Bart Allison

“Music of the World” – this is a sample of one of America’s longest running Rhythmic CHRs, recorded on the Sunday of Labor Day Weekend 1994.


  1. Hi Tanim! I remember this station from when I lived in Rockport, TX. I was working at KOUL / KLTG in Corpus Christi. This was around 1996. The radio landscape is much different these days. But I sure remember those call letters.

    The ‘check isn’t playing, check your link.

  2. Robyn and Steve,

    Thanks for the heads up about the broken link. Oddly, it actually was playing for me earlier in the week (at least on one of my computers) but now it’s not working. I’ll take a look this weekend and let you know once it’s been fixed.

  3. Julio – unfortunately, this is the only KZFM aircheck I have in my collection.

    Guz – if you’re seeing this (I know it’s been 3 months since you posted your comment!) – if time permits, I will dig up the original aircheck and listen to the reggae-pop song to see if I can understand the lyrics – and I’ll research from there. If I can find the name of the song, I’ll e-mail you.

  4. Wow….brings back the memories. I got to KZFM in Feb of 96, right when we started phasing out the “Music of the World” positioner and evolved it to “Hot Z-95….Hit Radio”. One of the only stations I ever worked at that would break format, and play a spanish Selena song between two CHR hits. But it worked. Station was huge at the time, and could be heard up and down the “coastal bend” from Brownsville to the fringes of Houston. Great to hear the late Brian James at his best!

    by the way….Bart Allison is the jock on this aircheck.

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