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95.5 KZFM - Hot Z95

KZFM (Hot Z95) – Corpus Christi – 3/28/98

“Hit Music For All Generations” – voiced by the late Brian James, this is a sample of one of America’s longest-running Rhythmic CHRs.


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  1. I swear I have this same broadcast recorded as well, but mine has more static as we were driving through Corpus Christi. What are the odds of that??

  2. Now this brings back memories. If I remembered correctly do you happen to have 102.3 The Beat from 1998? The description goes like this back in 2000:

    KBTE-FM 102.3 “102.3 the Beat”
    Corpus Christi
    Rhythmic CHR
    3/28/98, 45 minutes

    • I’m sure I have that one somewhere — I’ll try to dig it up. It won’t get posted until March, however.

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