102.1 WPXR - Power 102Anchorage, AK

KPXR (Power 102) – Anchorage, AK – 8/8/88 – Jason Hall

By the late 80’s, it seemed that many CHRs in the United States began leaning towards either hairband or rhythmic music. Power 102 was an exception – as this aircheck suggests, the station was more of an AC/Classic Rock/CHR hybrid.

According to Wikipedia, along with Robyn Watts (who contributed this aircheck), the station held the KPXR call letters from 1986 to 1994. However, the station did not adopt a CHR format until sometime in 1988. The station is now KDBZ “Oldies 102.1”.



  1. Power 102 started in 1986 as mainstream top 40 but then came alive and went rythmic in 89 until ownership sold in the 90s and it became an automated oldies jukebox. The people who contributed to the successful live “Power 102” were Don Nordin, Jason Palmer, Bob Lester, Scott Dwyer and Donny Dean. Jason was first to do live shows from communist Moscow Russia via telephone from the basement of the US embassy in 1987. (crazy at the time) They were all on the edge and the competition pushed the stale local radio market to become better. Bob Lester and Scott Dwyer are still popular on air, others do national TV voice work, own advertising agencies and other businesses. It was an exciting radio station that was social before social media and is still talked about almost 20 years later..

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