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KIDR 740 – Phoenix – 8/18/98 – Matt Miller & Brotha Fred


During the mid-90’s, KIDR (740 AM) in Phoenix was one of several radio stations across the U.S. affiliated with the childrens’-targetted “Radio AAHS” network. Ten of these stations were owned by Radio AAHS.

By January 1998, with Radio Disney having launched its own competing network, Radio AAHS ceased operations. They put the ten stations up for sale (KIDR had joined this group not long before the sale was announced). Until a buyer was found, the affiliates (both the AAHS-owned and non-owned stations) aired a mix of random music and paid programming for 12 hours (4am-4pm PT), and all-dance “Beat Radio” for the remaining 12 hours (4pm-4am PT).

In May of that year, KIDR program director Matt Miller elected to begin airing an hour of locally originated programming during the 2pm-3pm hour, three days a week. With the lack of a Mainstream CHR station in Phoenix at the time, and with some help from yours truly, Matt constructed a playlist that consisted primarily of contemporary dance and pop/rock hits — along with a few Rhythmic classics. This aircheck represents the final installment of this program.

For more information on Radio AAHS and Beat Radio, visit these Wikipedia pages:

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