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96.3 WHHH - Hoosier 96

WHHH (Hoosier 96) – Indianapolis – 10/29/91 – RJ Miles

WHHH Hoosier 96 Hoosier Hot 96 Hot 96.3

After having been granted the call letters WHHH a couple of months earlier, 96.3 FM in Indianapolis hit the air on October 28, 1991 — making it the first new FM signal in the market in over 25 years. This aircheck was seemingly recorded overnight following the station’s first full day.  A video of the actual sign-on is posted on Youtube (the logo shown above is a screen shot taken from that video.)

In these earliest moments, the station referred to itself multiple ways:

  • “Hoosier 96”
  • “Hoosier Hot 96”
  • “Hot Hoosier 96”
  • “Hot Hoosier 96.3”
  • “Hoosier Hot 96 Dot 3”
  • “Hoosier 96, WHHH”
  • “Hoosier 96 Dot 3, WHHH”
  • “96 Dot 3, WHHH”

Today, the station calls itself “Hot 96.3” and offers a very different sound than what’s heard on this montage.


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  1. Wow! Great to hear Hot 96.3 when it was a Top 40 station.

    • Uh don’t you mean a CHUrban station Marc? 😉


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