90.3 XHITZ - Jammin' Z90

XHITZ (Jammin’ Z90) – San Diego – 7/4/94 – Nick Monroe

This is a sample of Z90, serving America’s Finest City, recorded on Independence Day 1994.  At this time, Z90 was seemingly one of the most unique-sounding Rhythmic CHRs around; I personally do not recall hearing most of the songs featured on this aircheck anywhere else.


  1. I think this aircheck might be from July 4, 1994. The songs from Juliet Roberts, Ex Girlfriend and Nice & Smooth’s “Old to the New” all came out in late 1993 or 1994. No matter what year, great to hear a CHR jam current rap, dance and pop music along with Hues Incorporated’s “Rock the Boat”. You don’t hear that anymore on the FM dial.

  2. Thanks so much – that is great info. The tape containing this aircheck has Z90 on both sides – one is labeled 1992 and the other is 1994. I might mixed up the two years when recording the aircheck to MP3 format. I’ve changed the labeling on this post so that it says 1994.

  3. Nick “Danny Dundee” Loulatzis! Worked with him at XHRM in 1989/90 and glad he made it to Z-90 right after I left in 1994. Love hearing Bumper Morgan imaging…lots of Rick Thomas touches like “designated jam”, etc. This station was, thanks to RT, and still is, thanks to R-Dub…EPIC! Glad to have been there the first four years to help lay the foundation.

  4. This Little station with nothing but creativity beat all the big boys. And is the ONLY San Diego CHR to stand the test of time. Rick Thomas is one of the great leaders in the business. he began this station and I believe saved it several times more over the years.

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