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KOY-FM (Y95) – June 18, 1993 – Phoenix – Steve Douglas, Elvis Medina, Bo Reynolds, Jamie White

In 1993, the NBA’s Phoenix Suns had a magical season that captivated their hometown fans, featuring run to the Finals round against the defending champion Chicago Bulls. In this aircheck, CHR Y95 (95.5 KOY-FM) was giving away courtside tickets to the 6th game of the series (contigent upon the Suns winning the 5th game, which took place a few hours following the aircheck). Listeners were asked to keep track of songs for several hours. Throughout the day, the station would start taking callers (beginning with #95) and the first person to correctly recite the titles of the songs in the correct order would win the tickets. All three times that this occurred throughout the day are featured on the aircheck.

Included are Suns/NBA/sports-themed songs that were in rotation on Y95, along with a snippet of that 5th game from the Suns’ flagship radio station, KTAR 620 AM. The Suns’ legendary play-by-play voice, Al McCoy, enthusiastically shouts his trademark “SHAZAM!” as someone on the team (most likely shooting guard Dan Majerle) hits a 3-pointer. Following that is reaction to the Suns’ victory in the game, back on Y95, hosted by a personality who called himself “George Jetson”.

According to air personality Steve Douglas (who is part of this aircheck), the courtside tickets belonged to Y95 station owner Gary Edens.

Featured near the beginning of the aircheck is Elvis Medina, who later moved onto do mornings at KYLD (Wild 94.9) in San Francisco, along with Jamie White, who eventually spent nearly a decade hosting mornings at KYSR (Star 98.7) in Los Angeles.

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  1. Again, nearing the end for a short lived and not so legendary top 40, after the Bruce Kelly firing at KOY-Bruce signed on 6 months later at KKFR-FM, KOY later signed off and became KYOT..Bo and Jamie were a spin off of Bo and Johnny which didn’t work at all, bless JOhnny Asaaro because he is the best guy ever…but it was doomed, EDENS Sold the stations, and bye bye.

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