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103.9 WWZZ/104.1 WWVZ - Z104

WWZZ/WWVZ (Z104) – Washington D.C. – 2/24/97 – JoJo

Recorded 17 years ago today, this is a sample of  the station that represented the Mainstream CHR format in our nation’s capital during the mid to late 90′s, about seven months after its debut.

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  1. Sweeper 104.

    ’nuff said.

  2. Or, the “Dan Vallie Parade of Dupont Circle Dance Tracks.” It was great to have Top 40 back in D.C. after WAVA’s demise, but some of those stiffs in afternoon drive, with “L.A. Reid”, circa summer 1996? Hot stomped them, and hard. And, it’s sort of my fault: my senior thesis at American U offered a plan to fill the format hole. My first choice: “Y104” using Xtra 104 and simulcasting with 103.9 in Frederick. How about that? My second choice: tapping into this whole new internet thing by using 99.5 as WEBR — “99-5 WEB FM.” Who knew? I just wouldn’t have played Funky Green Dogs without any sort of LGBTQ outreach.


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